Project Navitas Edge

Navitas Edge is our in-house initiative of innovation to demonstrate Software-Defined (or “hyperconverged”) Infrastructure (SDI) which mimics cloud-like, API-driven infrastructure to the data center and the edge.

It enables automation and hybrid clouds. Navitas Labs are built on leading HCI vendors in the space like Nutanix. We setup a complete functional end to end Private cloud within our data center, where we virtualized computes, storage and memory.

We enabled automation by providing api driven self-service functionality for the application developer community within the organization.

Main goals of our Private Cloud which is the key underpinning our Navitas Labs:

  • Provide compute for various customer demonstrations in our core competencies like – Big Data Insights, Digital Engineering, Cloud Transformation engagements.
  • Provide the IaaS services for our Container Management Platform (CMP) based Kubernetes based orchestration.
  • Provide elasticity and hyperconvergence by adding additional nodes to the Nutanix Cluster for scaling needs.
  • Providing platform to enable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for our internal demos and product evaluations.
  • Provide secure solution based on Private cloud which is suitable for some of our customers who are cognizant of risks that public cloud solutions offer.
  • We provide training and support for our employees to test drive the latest frameworks and tools for which we offer our Integration Services.

Navitas Labs provides the following services:

  • Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) which provides the virtualization for Compute
  • Acropolis Storage – Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) - Flow
  • Web based management console to maintain the Private Cloud Clusters
  • High Availability (HA) is part of the standard setup.
  • Capacity can be scaled horizontally by adding additional nodes to the Private Cloud.
  • IaaS for our container management platform.
  • Self Service Web Console for Training and provisioning of compute resources.

Benefits of Navitas Labs:

  • Navitas can accelerate the vendor selection by our customers by showcasing the solutions within our labs.
  • Foster innovation for internal product teams and training teams to try out latest frameworks and technologies
  • Provides secure private cloud on our own data center accessed only by our corporate VPN.
  • Ability to run some of our key applications on our Private Cloud and saving costs on the public cloud Opex.
  • Ability for us to showcase our automation capability for our DevOptimize framework which is developed based on DevSecOPS constructs.
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