Consultant Care

As an integral part of our Human Resources Department, Navitas has a robust team of Workforce Relationship Coordinators (WRC), a dedicated team for consultant care. WRC professionals work closely with the Navitas program/project managers (PM) and are dedicated to consultant care that begins at onboarding and extends through client introductions and continuous engagement, all the way to offboarding processes.

Key Responsibilities of Workforce Relationship Coordinators

  • Onboarding and system set-up into various portals and benefit enrollments
  • Maintaining constant communication and open lines through intranet, emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings
  • Conducting initial monthly, followed by quarterly, meetings for performance status check
  • Being the first POC for any questions, concerns, issues, etc.
  • Providing company-wide as well as candidate-specific information on opportunities for training and development, career coaching, financial planning assistance, wellness programs, and recreational activities
  • Conducting safe and seamless offboarding processes


Once you accept the offer, WRC reaches out to you to start the onboarding process. There will be a follow-up email with the instructions to execute any necessary documents. You will be inputted into the company system and provided access to various portals, as required. A thorough orientation meeting is scheduled to provide company knowledge and policies, client-specific information/code-of-conduct, and other portal access information. For eligible candidates, WRC provides company equipment and an office badge. WRC will be available and in touch with you until your join date to answer any questions or concerns you may have. WRC will share the reporting details along with first day expectation that are specific to client requirements so that you are fully prepared for day-one.


First Month Follow-up

WRC will engage with you to set-up and ensure your access at Navitas and client portals within the first week of your engagement. Monthly meetings will be conducted between you, Navitas PM, and WRC to understand the pulse of your contribution on the project and share any information that may be passed down by the client’s procurement team.

This will provide you with valuable insights to the client’s expectations and a clear path forward. Our WRC team will discuss various topics, including:

  • Is the role offered as per your expectations and is your skillset aligned with the client’s requirements?
  • Are you fully accustomed with the client code-of-conduct and portal usage?
  • Any early concerns/grievances about the role that might cause you to leave the assignment?
  • Tools/software or training and certifications that may be required by the client for delivering the job?

Answers to these questions will help us navigate concerns, giving us the opportunity to proactively resolve them with the client quickly and efficiently.


Quarterly Meetings

Once you are settled into the project, monthly follow-ups are converted to Quarterly Meetings. In these meetings, our WRC team will gather information, including your satisfaction level on the project role, as well as with Navitas as a firm. Most of our clients provide quarterly performance feedback for our consultants, which is reviewed by our designated PMs and then discussed in these meetings.

In addition to performance feedback, our WRC team looks for changes that may have occurred in the project, including:

  • Is there a potential for expansion of the project or requirement of additional resources/headcount for the job?
  • Are there any vacancies in the project?
  • Has the client made any requests such as recommendation of referral candidates?

Truly Team Navitas

We understand and recognize the sentiments of our consultants working on-site for the clients and being away from the company. And to mitigate this sense of detachment, we make every effort to involve you in all our achievements, successes, recognitions, and celebrations!

As part of our continuous effort of providing you a positive experience at Navitas, we conduct and offer numerous benefits and opportunities to stay engaged and connected, including:

  1. Mentoring Programs – Navitas conducts annual internship programs for school students as well as prospective employees graduating through college/universities. We provide you an opportunity to assist our mentors with program design and execution. You will also be able to mentor students on specific technologies. These opportunities will help you in further growing your career into managerial role.
  2. Talks/Meetups – Navitas organizes monthly Tech Talks on the latest technologies that are executed by our eminent thought leaders. You will have free access to these events. We also encourage you to extend the invitation to your social and professional networks!
  3. Recognitions (Awards & Accolades) – Navitas values the efforts and commitments shown by our consultants and recognizes them through awards and recognitions, including Star Performer of the Year, Going Above and Beyond, 5-10-15 year Service Anniversaries, and Client’s Choice Awards. Apart from these annual awards, we also recognize the efforts of our consultants by posting the accolades on our social channels and monthly newsletters.
  4. Benefits Webinars – Our benefits team provides information on insurance enrollments, retirement savings planning, wellness programs, and more to provide you with helpful information to maintain a healthy work-life-balance.
  5. Training Programs & Brown Bag Sessions – Navitas offers a certain number of credits towards your yearly trainings and certifications. The WRC, along with your designated PM, will assess your skillset on a quarterly basis and recommend any trainings and certifications that you can go through, whether offered by Navitas or externally. You will also be given opportunity and a platform to conduct Brown Bag sessions for your fellow colleagues. Employees are encouraged to select a topic of their choice, empowering them to showcase their expertise and interests.
  6. Recreational Activities – At Navitas, you will have the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities, including picnics, happy hours, excursions, volunteer work, and more. We feel that these activities are the true ice breakers and help bring us all together as a Navitas Family.
  7. Social Media Connects – Our website and marketing team engages our consultants on social media by sharing latest topics related to our core service offerings. We encourage you to follow our website and stay connected on our social accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for Navitas' latest news and events – keep your eyes out for monthly prizes, too!


At the end of contract duration or termination of the project, our WRC will reach out to you to initiate the offboarding process. They will inform you of any required procedures to be followed as per the client or as per Navitas policies, including returning of the client/company equipment and other facility badges and accesses. Other information provided include the final payments, benefits information, and relieving letter along with employment verification. Our benefits and compensation team will reach out to you for COBRA enrollments and any outstanding expenses to be paid, if applicable. We value your services; therefore, we will ensure your exit in an efficient and respectful manner.

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