Agile & DevOps

The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it's too late. The future belongs to a different kind of person with. - Source: Forrester Research
Organizations that move from basic to advanced agile adoption can increase business growth by up to 33 percent. - Source: Colemand Parkes research commissioned by CA Technologies7

Build superior products!
Be Agile!
Continuous Development and Delivery is new
'Name of the Game!'

What is Agile manifesto?
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • Responding to change over following a plan.
DevOps Reference Architecture

The World of Agile

As change accelerates, disruption becomes the norm. A successful company like yours must differentiate itself by identifying the opportunities and designing the products that are better than the competition.

  • Is your business ready to match the speed of agility?
  • Do you see the pace of change as an opportunity?
  • Do you collaborate with customers from design to deployment?

Welcome to the world of Agility – which unifies the silos between departments, engages engineering, marketing, sales, operations and the executive suite, and steers the entire organization in the right direction with speed.

To survive and thrive in this competitive world, you must be an agile company; which can quickly and confidently respond to change, deliver value faster than the competition, and build high-quality products that customers really want. In Agile projects, user stories are being developed more rapidly, but the successful delivery to customers cannot be realized if the developed code is not deployed efficiently to meet project and customer requirements.

How it works?

Welcome to the world of Navitas DevOptimize


Navitas DevOptimize™ enables rapid delivery of capabilities to the end consumers by breaking the silos between product owners, architects, developers, testers, release managers, and system operators and thus stimulating collaboration and innovation between development and operations teams. Our proven methodology leverages industry standard software, tools and provides a standardized and repeatable automated build and deployment environment to enable frequent delivery of high-quality software.


Navitas DevOptimize™ encompasses all aspects of DevOps lifecycle to achieve maximum effect and efficiency, paving the way for more agile and healthy organization that’s built for sustainable growth. Our one click build and deploy automation methodology provides rapid creation of DevOps platform that is highly available, resilient, easy to manage, scalable, and cost effective solution with proven open source technologies.


Navitas DevOptimize™ offers an iterative development process. At the core of it lies the voice of the customer to ensure organization is building the right products and features, and delivering them with quality and predictability. It empowers stakeholders and aligns their daily work with the strategy of the business.


Navitas DevOptimize™ accelerates and improves the process of software delivery and encourages constant customer collaboration to gauge the product adoption and build the roadmap for the future. The result is more reliable releases and an exceptional end-user experience.

Innovative Framework: Navitas DevOptimize ™ is a cloud-based, customizable DevOps framework that delivers the following services:
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Integrated code quality control
  • Test automation
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detailed security assessment
Navitas DevOptimize™ services and tools

DevOptimize ™ benefits:

  • One-click build and deploy automation methodology:
    • Our framework implements one click orchestration of pipeline to integrate on-commit build, unit test, code quality reporting, automated test framework execution and deployment to clustered cloud environments.
  • Optimized IT resources:
    • We customize the Cloud and IT resources per the needs of the project, not one size fits all
  • Reduced cycles with improved efficiencies:
    • We can deliver product with automated monitoring metrics to the customer for quicker feedback into follow-up user stories.
  • Enhanced collaboration with increased visibility resulting in higher quality:
    • We specialize in creating end-to-end DevOps dashboards that can be customized to give Agile team members and management a comprehensive view of progress and the health of the pipeline for all environments and DevOps tools.
  • Rapid DevOps Infrastructure Creation process
    • Infrastructure created with a one-click button.
    • Ability to support enterprise level with ease.
    • Programmable code to easily manage Infrastructure. (Infrastructure as a Code)
  • Resilient Infrastructure with high availability
    • Highly available infrastructure using AWS, Azure and other existing cloud technologies
    • Self-Healing infrastructure
  • Easily manageable DevOps pipeline programmatically
    • Use Job DSL to create, manage the pipelines.
    • Provide full access to development teams to manage and be self-sufficient.
  • Cost Effective
    • Use of open source standards and tools

Key Customer Successes:

Our DevOptimize™ framework is a realization of a Capability maturity model evolved out of our immense experience in implementation of Agile and DevOps capabilities for various federal and commercial clients.

  • Large Financial Entity, One-click DevOps implementation
    • Create a DevOps architecture to meet requirements for scalability, availability, and security
    • Implemented Agile processes and tools to support efforts towards a more integrated DevOps environment.
    • Implemented a strong build and release orchestration engine for CI/CD pipeline and the program includes multiple Scrum teams.
    • Conducted and developed scripts for automated unit, regression testing and test plans for Integration and UAT testing. We maintained a cross-functional team to increase collaboration in the project.
  • Large Federal Agency, Continuous Monitoring and zero downtime for DevOps environments
    • Implemented DevOps architecture in Cloud
    • Automated monitoring of environments – We have configured Elastic and Logstash that delivers actionable insights in real time for structured and unstructured data. Elastic search can be used for searching and analyzing data using text analysis, tokenization and filtering. Logstash is the central dataflow engine in the Elastic stack for gathering, enriching and unifying all application data.
    • Configured AWS EC2 cluster and interdependent Microservices deployment for all environments in Docker.
    • Implemented Zero downtime deployment with Docker Blue-Green deployments by ensuring there are two production environments running simultaneously
  • Large Federal Agency, Strategic DevOps implementation of the agency’s social interactive domain
    • Responsible for addressing significant concerns on the Availability and Scalability of the infrastructure.
    • Operating System provision based using Ansible and Puppet for the agency domain apps.
    • Provision CQ5.x/AEM 6.2x, ColdFusion, and Mongo DB for applications using Ansible, Puppet, and Python automation Scripts.
    • Creation of high availability application server clusters for Dev, Test, and Prod.
    • LDAP and SSO Integration for authorization and authentication system again PIV
    • Provision of RDBMS, high availability configuration.
    • Code management using GIT, and management of hosting server GitoLite.
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